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一、  發揚「美而有禮,和而好學」美和傳統;深化「五倫五靜,學行並進」品德培育;掌握「專業化、全人化、國際化」教育方針;堅持「證照第一、就業優先」技職教育目標。

二、  持續「學生為本、實做創新、永續發展」工作使命;貫徹「一切為學生,為學生一切」教育理念;打造優質環境,建立友善校園,培養學生具分析思考、解決問題能力,迎接人工智慧時代的創新挑戰。

三、  採取「優質教學、效能行政、穩健財務、人本出發」策略;形塑「學習型組織」文化,提升教學行政效能,迎戰險峻競爭環境;激發同理心,建構生命共同體;經營特色精緻學校品牌,發展美和國際學術地位。


Messages from the President

Meiho University (MU), formerly known as Meiho Junior College of Nursing. Together with other medical elites from Kaohsiung and Pingtung areas, Dr. Hsu, Pang-Hsing established the school with the mission to enhance professions in nursing and to make contributions to the society and the hometown. The proposal of establishment was approved by the Ministry of Education in 1965. In the next year, 1966, the school was approved to recruit five-year junior college students. At the time, Meiho Junior College of Nursing was known as the first private nursing junior college in Taiwan. In 1984, the two-year junior college in nursing was established so as to expand and respond to social change. In 1990, the Department of Finance and Tax and the two-year junior college in nursing at night division was set up. In 1993, the school changed its name to Meiho Junior College of Nursing and Management. The junior college was restructured to Meiho Technical College in 2000 and was eventually approved to be renamed Meiho University in 2010.

MU was approved to be established in 1966, and 53 years have passed since then. The first chairman of the board was Dr. Hsu, Pang-Hsing, and other former chairmen were Mr. Lin, Feng-Hsiang, Mr. Li, Jui-Chang, Mr. Chen, Ying-Sheng, Mr. Wen, Hsing-Chun, Mr. Yang, Ping-Cheng. The current chairman is Mr. Lin, Tsu-Sen. Since the establishment, 12 men have served as president, including Dr. Hsu, Fu-Hsing, Dr. Liu, Shao-Hsing, Dr. Hsu, Pang-Hsing, Mr. Lin, Yu-Hui, Mr. Tseng, Hsiu-Chi, Mr. Wen, Hsing-Chun, Dr. Chen, Tung-Sheng, Mr. Lin, Sung-Yu, Dr.  Liu, Shan-Da, Dr. Lin Shean-Huei, Dr. Chen, Ching-Chuan. The current president is Dr. Weng Shun-Hsian.

Under the leadership of the chairmen, directors of the board and the presidents, all faculty members have worked together and have endeavored to run the school in each stage from a junior college to a technical college and eventually a technology university. As of the 2018 academic year, MU has 3 colleges and 14 departments (including 5 master’s programs). We are a community of approximately 394 faculty members and 8,200 students in the day division, the night division and the continuing education division. For more than 50 years, MU has been recognized as a one of the leading technology universities in higher education in Taiwan. Since the operation of offshore programs in Vietnam, approximately 692 Vietnamese students have successful completed their studies and have graduated from MU.

The Mission Statements:

  • To enrich MU’s traditions of politeness and diligence, to strengthen moral education with the core spirits of SMART (Service, Mercy, Appreciation, Respect and Tolerance), to highlight the educational objective of cultivating students to be professional, holistic and international, and to acquire certificates and employment as the top priority goal to achieve for the technical education.
  • To remain dedicated to the missions of being student-centered, innovative and sustainable, to be committed to the belief of “fully for students, wholly for students”, to foster a distinguished learning atmosphere and a campus culture that embraces love and respect, to cultivate students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills in response to diverse challenges of the age of artificial intelligence.
  • To implement excellent teaching, efficient administration, stable finance, and humanistic care as our strategies, to advocate learning organization culture so as to enhance teaching and administration efficiencies in response to a more competitive environment, to inspire the community’s compassion and build up an awareness of a community of common destiny, to establish distinguished and distinctive features as MU’s hallmarks and demonstrate the University’s academic competitiveness and strengths as one of the leading educational institutions in the world.

We hope that, in the future, we will have the privilege of welcoming you in person to MU! Your valuable suggestions and sincere supports can empower MU.


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